Gold Artist Academy™

Join our premium 12-week workshop to explode your fanbase and make a profit with your music. Limited spots available.


Learn our techniques that we've used to generate:

23+ Million Spotify Streams

Use our Tour Hacking and Virtual Tour Hacking strategy to attract high quality listeners who fall in love with your music.

#2 Album on iTunes

Use our Super Team technique to ignite your fanbase and hit the charts on platforms like iTunes and Billboard... even if you're starting with only a handful of fans.

17+ Million YouTube Views

Use our Content Formula method to get hundreds of thousands of real views on your music videos without an expensive music video budget.

"This is the first time I've ever gotten a response like this to my music. My heart is full and I'm very grateful for this program and all the people in it changing people's lives."

Roy Caitlin
Gold Artist Club

"I'd definitely recommend the program. He's honestly completely reshaped our business model and approach to content creation. We made $11k in just over a month and hit over 873k views with our music video."

Naveed Stone
Gold Artist Club

"Tour Hacking is the best way to market... period. And it ain't close. Our fanbase and shows got the attention of a legit manager. We just landed our first major US tour with a band called Finish Ticket, and now looking for another in February! It's crazy to work with these big time agencies."

Pat McCloskey
Gold Artist Club

If you're accepted, here's what we'll create over the course of 12-weeks together:

Phase 1: Revenue Funnel

We'll craft your "Value Ladder" to hone in your merch and high ticket offers, so you can earn a reliable income and spend more time on your music.

Phase 2: Fan Magnet

We'll set up your Fan Magnet so that you can attract hundreds of thousands of real listeners and connect with a dedicated audience that loves your songs.

Phase 3: Automation Machine

We'll create an automated marketing funnel to leverage your time so you can worry less about social media marketing and focus on your passion instead.

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