Nov 13, 2019

What exactly is a music mentor?

First things first, it’s important to understand what a music mentor is and what they do. A music mentor is usually a musician/artist in their own right that has already seen success in their career and wants to pass down their knowledge, experience and expertise to others.

As Paula Marantz Cohen writes in The American Scholar, "A teacher has greater knowledge than a student; a mentor has greater perspective."

A question that’s often asked is “Do I need a mentor? Or do I need a manager?”

In short, they both play very different but equally important roles in a musician’s career.

The first main difference is a music mentor can provide you with the knowledge and tools to succeed whereas a manager tends to organize and maintain your commitments and connections. The second main difference is a music mentor doesn’t take a direct cut from your earnings whilst a music manager tends to take between 10-20% of your...

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